Weather Independence

Weather is a big factor in the business of Beekeeping.  Other Countries have developed systems that can defeat the weather which dates back to the 18th century when the first modern beekeeping manual was written in Slovenia, by Anton Jansa (1734-1773).

The Americana Hiving System incorporates the best of two systems, the larger size of the frames as used by Langstroff coupled with the protection, ease and accessibility of the Slovenian style hive.  The Americana Hiving System is designed to be either outside or INSIDE a larger structure.  Either the window of a house or an additional “Hiving Shed ” is used to house the hives out from the weather.  With an indoor installation such as the window of a house, you are almost completely weather independent, the only limiting factor for “working the hive” would

 be the outside temperature. With that said, the envelope of temperature and weather conditions you are able to open an indoor Americana Hiving System TM   for inspection is much larger than you are able to open an outdoor Langstroff Stack Of Boxes. (SOB)  For routine inspections and feeding, there are no weather limitations with an Americana Hiving System TM.  Rain, snow and temperature are no longer an issue when open an indoor Americana Hive.

  • Ease of use. (The Business of bees)

If you are just a hobby Beekeeper or a Hobby Honey Hunter or are a serious sideliner about the business of keeping and transporting bees, the Americana Hiving System TM has the advantage over the Langstroff Systems hands down. The useful new improvements being added to beekeeping that will provide several improvements over the present physically intensive Langstroff System.

 With the Langstroff System, you stack boxes holding the frames of bees and honey one on top of the other. 

When you work your bees as a profession moving 10 frames and a box that weighs upwards of 100 lbs of bees, brood and food, is a lot to move when you have a three or four stack of brood boxes and supers you need to get them off just to get to the queen who is in the bottom hive.  That’s a lot of work!!!

It is quite a feat to watch my teacher and mentor Dr. Carl Jurica author of a great book, “Practical Queen Production in the North”.  He is just 83+ years young caring for 60 hives, humping 100 lb boxes just to work his bees.  He is tired most of the time having to move the stack of boxes, but he chugs along.  In the off- season, to keep in shape, for his wintertime activities, he has a bench press setup in his living room where he lifts weights and can still do pull-ups and pushups.  Talk about dedication!!

  With the Americana Hiving System TM lifting only the frames holding the honey or brood for whatever procedure you are performing for the hive is what you carry.  If you are looking for the honey, you open the top access or pull the Honey Drawer TM option and work your frames from there.  If you are looking for the queen below an excluder then you only need to open the bottom access feeder/observation panel.  Never lifting anything heaver then the individual frame you are working.  This is better for the bees because you are not disrupting their space by the disassembly of the hive stack to get to the frames. This is better for the beekeeper who when they install their hives, decide where and at what level do you want them.  The Americana Hive can be worked on sitting if so desired. Older Beekeepers who can no longer keep bees due to the physical limitation of needing to lift heavy boxes can once again enjoy the bees. 

The ability to now have better control on the beekeepers side of the equation with regard to environment, this alone can have the largest impact on individuals who are in wheel chairs.  The Americana Hive opens up the world of keeping bees to able-bodied wheel chair bound individuals who would be motivated by such an adventure.