Bees Business –

How to keep bees in the American Market? ???THIS ONE???

The present American Market is geared to the established Langstroff Hiving System (Hive parts, frames & Support Equipment, gadgets and gizmos) They are all the same, and have been since the 1850’s with the exception of insulation and size.  Box sizes have been paired down from the original Deep Brood box dimensions used back in the day. Then paired down again to an 8 frame to lighten the load and there is also the 6 frame.  But any way you look at keeping Bees with this type of system you have to be able to pick up the weight of the entire box of bees you are working/ moving/ rearing/ harvesting or inspecting just to be able to function! To me that is crazy.

Supporting all of this just like with all other “live stock” is the big industrial companies geared towards the equipment required to keep bees. As you will see a large and vast subject, bees and how to deal with the diseases that have become a plague to the American Beekeeper. Bees, marketing, with commentaries surrounding the bee industry includes the newest USDA rule or what new DEC Chemical we can spray, or a useful remedy outlawed as too dangerous, or how to harvest honey without disturbing the bees or “experts” contradicting what has been a working practice for hundreds of years.

But on the subject of mans relationship with Bees? Knowing what they are to us, humans, maybe learn sooner than later what we are to them? (beside an annoyance) As you progress into beekeeping look to the old for knowledge on the old remedies and methods they learned. Beekeeping passed on just as it used to bee.