Dr Carl Jurica

Master Beekeeper, Professor, artist and friend.

A True Renaissance Man.

A Beekeeper, Teacher, Artist, mortal human being. The places Carl told me about keeping bees, back when, working the hives. 40+ years of stories in the making. Carl was a colorful person, and it shows in his art work.

I hope to use this site to capture and share his techniques in a Slovenian setting. Working the SOBs right next to the Americana Hive Hut or the Americana Hive Pod. His outlook and wisdom regarding the keeping of bees I am grateful for, his teachings show allowing us the privilege to learn more about beekeeping and it’s history from one who lived it for 60+ years.  

A Chance Meeting

I met Carl in May of 2018, a chance meeting in King Cole Laundromat in Johnstown NY.  Life has been very different since meeting Carl that day.  A pin point in life I can never forget, like a child being born, graduating from school, a first kiss, getting married. Another point in time from where my life took a whole new direction. Bees and the idea of bees what they can do when properly cared for and properly motivated is fascinating. I cannot thank Carl for showing me the way.

Rest in Peace Buddy, you are missed

Dr. Carl Jurica

From what Carl told me he started keeping bees as a teenager growing up in Johnstown NY.  He was a running back and would eat honey before every football game in high school .  As he grew older, volley ball would become the means for him to be able to get educated and learn about his passion with bees.  Carl is a PhD graduate of Cornell University.