About Beekeeping


Beekeepers, a special breed. For hundreds of years beekeepers have been revered by cultures around the world

Back in the day

Beekeepers throughout history have provided the honey to sweeten life by food and drink long before the coming of commercialized crystal sugar industry developed in the early 1800s in Europe

I am a beekeeper

Never did I ever think I would be a Beekeeper. A fateful day in a laundromat changed all of that.

This picture was an accident taken when my phone fell, it wasn’t until I saw myself like this that I realized what I had become

The one reason for me keeping bees?

Apis Mellifera

Its not the bees.

This website is here for you to read and learn from for only one reason

Carl and Milo

All because of this man

The reason for the Americana Hiving System? I was awe inspired by Dr. Carl Jurica a beekeeper who was from Johnstown, NY.

It is to Dr. Jurica that I dedicate this site, highlighting his friendship, guidance and wisdom with bees. His touching innocents and willingness to share what he knew with all, all for one reason, promoting the love for his bees. His pride and joy, the love of his life, bees. He was a blessing from Jehovah God, following his path, humble and good, a life committed to seeing good in others and selflessly sharing his knowledge of beekeeping with any who wanted to learn. May he rest in peace

Carl with his new NUC

The Americana Hiving System named by Dr. Jurica is influenced by the Slovenians Style Hive and Beekeeping Methods.

This site, http://www.americanahive is dedicated to my mentor and friend , the late Dr. Carl Jurica.

Beekeeping, a fascinating subject, one that has been studied since man could think, I would argue one of the many first experiments with other life forms in the earths environment. An experiment worldwide that continues on to the minutes you read and peruse this americanahive.com. 

My hope here is that you will see the simple benefit of helping a seemingly small creature that does so much for our environment.

Bees, what we can’t live without

The Honey Bee, a creature that does much for our environment, a piece of the puzzle supporting life here on earth. A space shared by all, man and beast alike, the environments we all need to survive here on earth. Making and made more  beautiful and more plentiful every day only, because of the honey bee.