How do you keep bees?

When I started keeping bees, I thought how crazy the idea was for SOBs (Stack of Boxes). Working them moving them, all very labor intensive. How many 50 to 75 Lb boxes of bees and honey can you move in a day?

That lead to my “lazy side” coming out and figuring that there must be a better way to keep bees. Having been trained with big industry a philosophy called 5S Protocol or Kaizen way where you look to simplify and make better that which you are doing along with the environment that surrounds you.

I work bees with my Mentor Dr Carl Jurica, he is a wonder to watch. Seeing his passion for bees, his love of the craft and everything that surrounds it alot of it rubbing off onto me. Only exception was “working the bees” Heavy lifting, not my style.

That lead me to researching in depth the subjects of hives. Skeps, Boxes of different shape and sizes and ideas from other cultures all related to keeping bees. All were basically the same, hives outside, as a shelter for bees that the beekeeper manipulates to achieve his goal of making honey or raising bees. There was one exception, the Slovenian Style of beekeeping.

Inside my “Hive Hut”with by best buddy where I make make bees better.

Each of the doors you see are and individual Americana Hive, heach box can house three queen rite hives. They are good for rearing queens as they are easier to work with than the heavy SOBs.

Simplifying the idea of keeping bees, having the process equipment right there next to the hives. Having the everything you need to keep bees and process honey all there, under one roof.

The 2021 season is heading for the half way point. I am as you can see, getting my bees ready for winter. Just a matter of getting out of that comfortable chair and “git’n r dun”

ooops, too late ZZZZZzz ZZ zzzz ZZzzzz


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